The Europe-Orient-Rallye is a very special rallye, it’s a self-organized charity rallye.  What’s that: It’s offering adventure for a good cause. The goal is to drive from the starting point in Straßburg all the way to Jordan. The winner isn’t the fastest, no, it’s the one solving the tasks of the organization committee the best. The first place will win, traditionally, a real camel . The start of the rallye is the 5th May 2018 and we will hopefully arrive in Jordan three weeks later.

The rules:

  • 6 team members
  • 3 vehicles: older than 20 years or 1111,11€ maximum
  • One vehicle and all persons must arrive in Jordan
  • No motorways, toll roads or ferries
  • Navigation only with map and compass
  • Nights maximum 11,11€ per night
  • Free choice of route to Istanbul
  • The team with the most points wins
  • First prize: A camel


The social aspect is very important in the rally. The vehicles will be auctioned off in the target country of Jordan and the proceeds will be donated to the Dream Foundation, a charity in Jordan led by the American basketball star Hakeem Abdul Olajuwon. This organisation supports projects aimed at giving children in Jordan a better future. In addition, more than one million euros in donations were collected over the years through the entry fees and sponsorship funds, which were used for various projects. For example, a cheese dairy and a water laboratory were set up and the necessary specialists were trained, more than 1100 children were equipped with hearing aids, or victims of earthquakes in Turkey and victims of the war in Berg Karabach were supported. This is just an excerpt from the projects financed by the rally. A complete list can be found on the official rally website (see link below). The tradition of the rally also says that many of the participating teams realize their own aid projects while driving. This includes supporting schools and children’s homes as well as donating toys and teaching materials. Participation is therefore worthwhile in two ways. What we have additionally set ourselves for ambitious goals (school construction) can be found at HOKEKI e. V..

Additional information at:  https://www.europa-orient-rallye.de/charity