If you would like to know more about the team, the rally or our trip, please contact us.
Furthermore, we are always looking for sponsors who want to support us in this project. If you are interested in supporting our team during the rally with donations in kind or with financial means, we would be pleased to hear from you. We offer our sponsors a variety of attractive advertising opportunities.

How to reach us:

..or through our headquarters:

Michael Werres, Erzstraße 27, 38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld


If you would like to support us financially without great difficulties, you can also transfer the money directly to our account. But please contact us so that we can thank you!

Kontoinhaber: Jakob Grahlmann

IBAN: DE64 5001 0517 5424 7703 12


We thank our sponsors for their support!


Haus Sonnenschein

Kranich Apotheke Heiddorf

Jürgen Warnke Baugestaltung