Hokeki e.V.

How the rally has been doing important work in combating poverty and developing the future for years is already outlined under rallye. We are pleased that with the support of HOKEKI e. V. we are able to take another step towards giving this rally a charitable soul.

For every kilometer driven we want to collect money to build a school for an orphanage in Kenya.

HOKEKI e. V. was founded in 2017 as a non-profit association, but the founding members have been supporting the region privately for years. HOKEKI is the abbreviation for “Hope for Kenya’s children” and the association has dedicated itself to these very children. It is important to the association that every euro donated also reaches the children. The projects and the use of the funds are strictly controlled by the association and travel as well as administration are privately financed by the association members.

In Kenya, 40% of the population is under the age of 15 and has often been orphaned by the premature death of their parents as a result of AIDS and poverty. For this reason, the main objective of the association is to support the orphanage “Child of Mercy Orphanage Home” in Likoni, a poor suburb of Mombasa. The orphanage is financed exclusively by donations and provides a home for 40 children between the ages of 5 and 18. An important concern of the home is that all children receive a school-leaving certificate and are supported in their education even after leaving the home. This is the only way to give them a good start in life.

However, the public schools in Kenya are poorly equipped and often 100 students sit in one class. The children of the home are currently scattered in Likoni in state and private schools. However, the school fees are very expensive. For this reason, the association has decided to build a primary school for the children of the orphanage and street children on the grounds of the orphanage. The aim is to provide the children with a good education and offer street children a future in addition to food. The construction of the school will cost about 30,000 euros, which the association wants to raise this year. We would like to support him actively and hope to collect as many donations as possible per kilometer driven for the school construction.

For this we need you or your company. Help us to give these children a better future.

Donations are made directly to the association (donation receipt possible) and will in the future be allocated directly to the school building project via the website of the association www.hokeki.de via a donation function. Since the website of the association’s association is not yet fully functional, a donation can be paid to the following account of the association and can be clearly allocated to our project by the intended purpose:”School Kenya”. On the website of the HOKEKI e. V. you will also find the contact details of the persons responsible for the association who will be happy to provide you with further information about the project or suggest your own ideas. As a team, we are also happy to provide contact to the club. In addition to a donation certificate, each donor receives an award from our team.

Please help us to support this project and collect as much money as possible for our route.

In addition to the school building, HOKEKI e. V. supports the ongoing operation of the home and has already provided a new kitchen and a secure water supply (http://erfurt.thueringer-allgemeine.de/Wasserspeicher-fuer-Waisenhaus). Further projects are to be considered for a current stay on site. In the future, a private hospital in Likoni, which offers free weekly treatments, and a project for the treatment of sand flea infestation in children are to be supported.

Donation account:


Commerzbank Erfurt

IBAN: EN70 8204 0000 0101 6757 00


Purpose: School Kenya

Since we as a team want to support this project and collect money for every kilometer driven, we have to arrive in Jordan. To make this possible, we depend on sponsors who support our team. If you are interested in supporting our team financially or with material means, you will find further information on the Contact page.