Let’s get to the probably most essential part of the rally, the means of transport! If you want to take the trouble to look for suitable vehicles within the budget specified in the regulations, you will soon find out that the selection is endless. Since we wanted to be on the safe side, it was clear from the beginning: The more space the better! So it should definitely be station wagons. After all, we found what we were looking for at Volvo and are now proud owners of a Volvo 850 and V70, and the decisive factor in this decision was not only the amount of space available in the vehicles, but also the very reasonable price and the fact that these vehicles have an almost indestructible reputation – perfect rally virtues!

Volvo 850

Swedish steel – this words should be known by every car-enthusiast. We don’t know which model created this, but it definitely fits for the 850. This model is almost indestructible, which can be proofed by multiple Youtube videos (and seriously, is there any more scientific source than that). Right now we are the owners of perfectly running 850 and we had no problems at all. So far there are no modifications, so here’s an image of our beloved one. For the car-nerds: It’s a 850 2.5l 10V station wagon build in 1996 with incredible 144 HP. We’ll keep you updated about our future modifications. You’ll find them in our blog.

Volvo V70

The V70 is some kind of a journey through time for Michi. The same Volvo model accompanied him through his childhood and was the means of transport for many vacations. Our V70 from 1998 barely fulfills the requirements (min. 20 years old), but isn’t in the best condition and needs some love. Like the 850, we’ll present it in detail after rebuild and modification. However, it can be stated that we have now two cars, which will bring us reliable and save to our destination. Additionally, the amount of space is amazing! Just everything one is expecting from a Volvo.

Volvo V70 – 2

In the shadow of darkness we had a little adventure when we bought our second V70. The V70 has convinced us and is already completely ready for use. There are still some differences of opinion with the car and its attitude to the alarm system. But these can certainly still be clarified in a loving discussion. Click here for the complete story: