For 3 weeks in May 2018 we will leave our everyday live behind to start our so far biggest adventure. So we’ll exchange our places in lecture hall or in the laboratory for the front seat of a Volvo, which will hopefully bring us all the way to Jordan. Parts of our team already had some journeys to Portugal, Spain, or Greece and we are happy that our group has grown. To introduce ourselves:

Christian – movie star
That’s THE chance to go on an adventurous journey, I’m in! This was Christian’s first thought considering the Europa Orient Rallye. Currently, he is studying chemistry at the Friedrich-Schiller-University in Jena and since he is a fencer in his free time, he can protect us, as long as he has any kind of stick in his Hands.

Jakob – oldest council chairman

As a trained toolmaker and wanderlust-addicted Jakob said YES when he was asked to be the 6. wheel. Whoever studies but also wants to travel, must know how to get around with a limited budget, like he does. Jakob is studying material science engineering at TU Dresden and lives in Stuttgart till end of february.

Marvin – media representative
Marvin studies mechanical engineering at TU Clausthal and knows atleast theoretically how to solve problems. His always optimistic attitude never leaves him uneasy in any situation. However, if the problems should take over, he can quickly and coolly escape the situation with his skills attained as Parkour Trainer.

Tom – sponsoring expert
Tom is basically joining every crazy idea. His opinion: with duct tape, zip ties and WD-40, we’ll get to our destination. He is studying material science and engineering at the University of Technologie in Dresden, but at the moment he is living in Stockholm.

Tobias – Team-Chef
It was the idea of Tobias(Kuschel) to take part on the rallye, which made him the leader of our team. He is studying Ressources and Geoscience in Clausthal and is often traveling around the world.

Michi – motivational multiplier
Michi uses every possibility to escape from the cold weather in Clausthal. Since he survived the “Death Road” in Bolivia last year, he is very optimistic, that we’ll make it to Jordan. Currently he is studying Geoenvironmental Engineering at the Technical University of Clausthal.