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Hero of the Day: Oli

After our TÜV preparations failed in the first instance, we did not give up. Apart from a few insignificant minor defects, the main problem was the loss of oil while the engine was running. So first of all research which sources of error could be possible – added oil trap/crankshaft housing ventilation or leaking crankshaft sealing ring. After we were able to eliminate the first one, we initially tried to find an affordable workshop, which, however, failed even before it was affordable due to the lack of dates available at short notice (the work involved is indicated as 6.5 – 8 hours, depending on the workshop). Still no reason to give up, because it can’t be that hard to change such a pissy rubber ring, can it? Yes, it is. Definitely. Fortunately we had the support of Oliver (a friend of Tobias from Dortmund), without whom this venture would have failed much earlier (well, no tension build-up, we actually failed. Who’s going to read any further now?)
After the plan was made to change the Simmerring by ourselves we started on Friday with the disassembly, which meant: Loosen all attachments and connections on the gearbox side in the engine compartment, drain fluids, then lower the subframe on one side to create a 30cm wide gap between wheel housing and subframe, which makes it possible to separate the gearbox from the engine.

Our Engine with a fresh Simmerring

Unfortunately, these work steps did not turn out as smooth as the text reads, just to find all the screws to be loosened we looked for an eternity. And then they were still not unscrewed… After that the clutch and flywheel have to be removed.
But actually we had made it Friday evening: After longer fights with the flywheel the crankshaft sealing ring lay brightly bright (or was it nevertheless oil siphoned dark?) before us! And it could even be removed reasonably well, which caused kind of euphoria for us.
On Saturday we had to get the new Simmerring and install it again. As the buying of the Simmerring already took a little longer, we started with the installation in the evening, which initially turned out to be relatively problem-free. But then suddenly things happen that nobody expects and you ask yourself: Serious?

And the car is still flying without power

In our case, around midnight, it suddenly became pitch-dark, in other words no longer electricity. At first we hoped that there was some mysterious timer behind it, but after a look at the street we realized that the whole neighbourhood was without electricity. Unintended time out.
Sunday we went on with the assembly, and hey, there was only one screw left at the end, in our opinion a quite justifiable quota.
Car assembled, all liquids refilled, keys ready to start – the excitement was high! Almost surprisingly, the car even started. As it turned out then however without functioning clutch and with all warning lights in the dashboard shining. Mission failed.
Probably the problems could be solved, we already have some guesses what could have gone wrong, but we just don’t have the time and certainty (not even a week before the start of the rally) that the car will be really running. Which is why we’re looking for a replacement now. Keep your fingers crossed!

See you after the rallye!

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