Half team meeting in Herdecke

Less than two weeks until the start of the rally and our last car is not finished yet, now even with bigger problems than before. But as always, let’s start at the beginning:

Dual Screwing

To get our last car fit Marvin, Michi and Tobias went to Herdecke to prepare the Volvo V70 there for TÜV and Rallye. The battery and spark plugs were nicely replaced (thanks to Sven), so that the car started up at least without any problems after a long service life. Since the interior unfortunately showed a discreet mold infestation, the back seat and carpets were removed, as well as the front seats and thoroughly cleaned. Instead of a back seat we now have a flat lying surface and a lot of storage space! Next came normal service work such as oil changes, air filters, etc. We have also renewed the front shock absorbers and dome bearings to get rid of the clattering front axle (has folded). After a long weekend of repairing, we went to the TÜV on Tuesday, where it turned out that our car loses oil at an extremely unfavorable place while the engine is running, so unfortunately there was no new sticker and for the Volvo we had to go back into the hall.

Swedish king-size bed

After intensive brainstorming, our plan is now:

  1. to find a replacement vehicle with valid TÜV
  2. attempt to start changing the shaft seal(s) between motor and gearbox

Plan 2 involves considerable effort, but otherwise the car would run the risk (even with TÜV) of slipping clutch. If plan 2 works, the replacement car will be sold again after the rally or will pass into Marvin’s hands (if you remember, there was this little problem with his Ford Fusion…).

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