We won’t go to bed thirsty

The Heimathafen – Erfurt brewery will save us from dying of thirst on the way and provide us with “Radpils”. Many thanks for that!

Besides vehicles, tolerable team mates (otherwise you put them in another car), there is only one thing that is important for a successful rally: board! So I mean liquid food, of course. The Braumanufaktur Heimathafen from Erfurt has recognized our plight and will supply us with “Fußpils” or rather “Radpils” here. At the weekend we went to Jan’s brewery and picked up the beer.

The brewing factory has only existed since last year and yet with “GaBi (garage beer), EgOn and JaCk” there are already 3 super delicious varieties. The home port finally manages to reestablish the art of brewing in Erfurt. If you want to know more about this beery paradise, have a look at www.heimathafen-bier.de What has been achieved here in a year is madness and the people are super nice.
Now we can fulfill another rally task and proudly bring beer from our home country in exchange and at the same time really enjoy the evenings around the campfire.
Thank you very much!

Thanks also to Louisa Dauer for the pictures

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