3rd Teammeeting

Our third team meeting was once again extremely productive, we worked with an ingenious huge band saw, painted mustaches and broke ice floes! But let’s start at the beginning:

On Friday evening Christian and Jakob reached our headquarters at Michi in Clausthal, but there was no time for a longer break, as we went directly to Alois in Bad Salzdetfurth with our two capable Volvos. Alois (a trained carpenter) was kind enough to make his former workshop/hall available to us for the conversion of our cars, so there was enough space for all kinds of activities from conversion to sticking and painting. On Friday we had a brainstorming session about the roof racks, had a look at all the material Alois could provide us and what we had to get the next day.Finally we agreed on a relatively simple roof batten timber construction, so that we only needed roof battens. Afterwards we went back to our headquarters where we ended the evening thanks to the first semester week in Clausthal with various sporting beer activities.

After a quite long night, the first topic on the agenda the next morning was shopping – so we headed for the next DIY store! As it happens once you have entered the DIY store and there is actually still some money left on the team account, our stay there was approximately longer and besides the roof battens we also got some useful things , for example purple fleece blankets. Fortunately all (more or less sensible) purchases fit into our nice Volvo 850 and around noon we finally reached Bad Salzdetfurth and were able to start the conversion!

With Alois’ guidance Jakob and Tobias took care of the preparation of all wooden parts for the roof racks, while Michi, Christian and Marvin started sticking on the cars. In the afternoon we got support from a friend of Marvin, who helped us creatively with the painting of the cars and the construction of stencils. Towards evening our work was nearly done, 850 and the green V70 equipped with roof racks and ready to travel (the roof rack of our third car prepared ready to assemble), sticked and partly painted! Therefore once again big thanks to Alois for the room, material and especially for the support without which we would not have finished our roof racks so fast and stable!
After some barbecue we said goodbye to Alois and went back to Clausthal, where we finished the evening with the incredible exciting task of crown cork packing.

On Sunday morning during breakfast all further tasks were distributed, packing lists were drawn up and other boring organizational, but unfortunately necessary stuff was clarified.

The last point of the weekend was luckily one of the funnier activities on the list, the team water removal for the water bottles rally task! Luckily there is no lack of ponds and lakes in Clausthal and the Harz, so we set off for a particularly pretty example, the Oderteich. As the temperatures were almost summerly warm, we liked the idea of filling the bottle of water in the water relatively well, so swimming trunks and towels were packed. Unfortunately, nobody had the idea that it might be a little fresher at the relatively high Oderteich before the departure. So on our arrival the Oderteich presented itself with a rather solid ice surface. But if you have swimming trunks with you…

Afterwards it was time to say goodbye again, but with great anticipation of the approaching rally start!

P.S. Through the buttons on the right, you can visit our youtube and facebook sites, where you can gaze at our short swimming action. Since every Rallye participant needs to prepare a bottle, you will soon find more videos of us on our youtube channel.

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