We’re gonna be on the TV!

Yesterday Christian and Michael were invited to be at SalveTalk on SalveTV which is a local tv-station, located in the nice town of Erfurt. For this was our first time on the TV ever, we did pretty good, we think. Even though we haven’t seen the show by now. We used the time to talk about us, the ralley and also to proudly present our coorporation with HOKEKI e.V. The HOKEKI e.V. supports an orphanage in Kenia. and tries to build a school there. We want to help them collecting money for the school, which costs about 30.000€. You’ll find further information about that in a few days, when the website was made over.

You can see the interview on Thursday at 6:20 pm on SalveTV (btw. you can receive SalveTV via cable in Thüringen or you can see it on the internet).

Thanks to SalveTV for this funny and productive day!

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